We’ve made some improvements to our live bidding platform, which make it easier to bid wherever you are.

Here at auctionfire we are always keen to improve the functionality and usability of our platform to keep our customers happy.

Previously, our platform was limited for some mobile users by Apple and Google’s refusal to allow Adobe Flash Player to run on their mobile phones and tablets. This meant that in order to view the live auctions from these devices customers had to download a third-party browser called Puffin Web Browser.

auctionfire bidding smartphone

The great news is we have now made some changes to the auctionfire live bidding platform, which have made it fully cross-browser compatible. This means that it works across all devices, it is also incorporates a responsive design in the same way the rest of the website does, this means our clever technology will simply adapt the live bidding experience to fit your devices screen size. If you’re using a mobile device you will still need the Puffin Web Browser to hear the audio or watch video, but bidding live with the Easy Live Auction platform has just got a lot easier.

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No matter where you are, if you have a reasonable internet connection, you never need to miss a lot again! You can easily see the lots you’ve won, any alarms you have set and any Autobids you have left, the nice large, finger friendly buttons make it really simple to place your bid.

The new user experience was gradually rolled out to customers and is now fully operational. Have you given it a go yet? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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