Columbian Crow War Shirt

Columbian Crow War Shirt once having a place with Chief Bell Rock is relied upon to offer for more than $40,000 in Ethnographic Art: American Indian, Pre-Columbian and Tribal Jewelry, a strength closeout led by Heritage Auctions on Nov. 18. The uncommon war shirt is the apex of the private gathering of Houston agent Kenneth S. “Bud” Adams Jr., whose more than 100 parcels make up the foundation of the deal.



Adams, an author of the American Football League and proprietor of one of its contract groups, the Oilers/Titans establishment, stayed near his legacy as a selected individual from the Cherokee Nation. Spellbound by the rich shading and staggering visuals of the Southwest, his gathering of American Indian craftsmanship was only one articulation of his eagerness for the material culture of his legacy.

Boss Bell Rock’s shirt dates to around 1900 and is sumptuously improved with metallic and glass seed dots, red fleece exchange fabric, horsehair and ligament.



Likewise incorporated into Adams’ accumulation is an early and uncommon Otoe beaded shroud tobacco pack (beneath; est. $18,000-$22,000) dated to the 1870s, and in addition two appealing things from the Cheyenne tribe: an around 1870s painted wild ox conceal medication case (est. $10,000-$15,000) made of wild ox rawhide dates to the 1870s and a Cheyenne beaded conceal infant transporter (est. $10,000-$15,000), improved with glass seed dabs, wood, canvas, cotton fabric, metal chimes and thimble, globular and tubular glass dots, which dates to the mid twentieth century.

Otoe beaded shroud tobacco pack, 1870s. Gauge: $18,000-22,000. Legacy Auctions picture. The more than 400 extra noteworthy parcels traverse centuries and a few societies crosswise over North and Central America.



An uncommon Chumash polychrome curled plate (est. $18,000-$20,000), around eighteenth century, is made in a style understood to scholastics. The visual anthropologist J.C.H. Ruler, who put in 40 years as a caretaker at the British Museum, represents a comparable Chumash wicker bin – likely by a similar hand – in two of his books. Likewise on offer is a phenomenal Chumash curled container (est. $20,000-$25,000), made of characteristic and colored juncas and sumac.

Uncommon Chumash polychrome curled plate, most likely eighteenth century. Gauge: $18,000- $20,000. Legacy Auctions picture

A different determination of ethnographic craftsmanship incorporates a Chupicuaro standing female (est. $7,000-$10,000), around 400 – 200 B.C., a Teotihuacan stone veil (est. $20,000-$30,000) around 450-650 A.D. also, an Olmec jade maskette pendant (est. $10,000-$15,000), a sublime, absolutely exemplary case in rich, dark green jade.

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Olmec jade maskette pendant. Gauge: $10,000-15,000. Legacy Auctions picture Vital pre-Columbian earthenware production includes a Veracruz standing cleric or speaker (est. $3,000-$4,000) dated to about A.D. 450 – 650. Veracruz cleric or speaker, around A.D. 450– 650. Gauge: $3,000-$4,000. Legacy Auctions picture The deal additionally has around two dozen Jalisco figures including a situated male measuring 18 3/4 inches tall (est. $10,000-$15,000) and dating between 200 B.C. what’s more, A.D. 200.

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