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WELCOME to NFL Owner formerly known as the Bradley NFL Ownership Group. Have you always dreamed of being an owner of an NFL team? Then you have come to the right place. By pooling our capital, our creativity, and our desire we can make it happen!

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Roger Goodell's letter to NFL owners on domestic violence
[Editor's note: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent the following letter to all 32 NFL owners today.] Since becoming Commissioner, my focus has been on ensuring that the NFL is held in the highest regard by our fans, players, business partners, and ...
Text of Roger Goodell's letter to NFL owners on domestic violenceBoston Globe
Goodell admits fault, then ramps up NFL's domestic violence
NFL on domestic violence: 6 games for 1st offense; lifetime ban
ABA Journal
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NFL doesn't seem inclined to press Jerry Jones tampering charges
It's clear that there was an unfortunate conversation between Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. But it doesn't appear the league is inclined to do anything about it. Peter King of The MMQB writes this morning that ...

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Interest fading among NFL owners for reducing preseason games
Washington Post
Yet even with the expanded playoffs likely on the way for the 2015 season, the sport's four-game preseason probably is here to stay, as some owners of NFL teams have put aside the notion of cutting the number of preseason games. “I'm not sure that we ...
NFL owners losing interest in shorter
Owners hesitant to give up preseason, even with expanded

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Goodell in letter to NFL owners: I didn't get Ray Rice punishment right
When the NFL announced its new domestic violence policy on Thursday, it did so in the form of a letter written by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. In the letter, which you can read in its entirety below. Goodell acknowledges that he got the Ray Rice ...

Bloguin (blog)

Every NFL owner ranked by likeability
Bloguin (blog)
With a handful of the NFL's team owners in headlines lately for reasons ranging from stripper pictures to a hilariously stubborn defense of a slur, we thought a definitive and not at all arbitrary ranking of their likeability is needed. The criteria ...

Why an 18-game NFL schedule makes perfect sense
The owners pushed for an 18-game regular season during negotiations for the current collective bargaining agreement signed in August 2011. It was one of the few concessions NFL owners weren't granted. Players expressed concerns about increased ...

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Wisconsin Radio Network

NFL Owners, Union Agree on Temporary Rule Changes for Practice Squads
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
The NFL players union and the league have agreed to increase the size of each team's practice squad by 25 percent, opening up two more slots in the in-between and allowing teams to keep direct tabs on up to 10 players, instead of eight. The change will ...
NFL to expand practice squad to 10ESPN

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Does Social Media Tell International Corporations To Invest In NFL Sponsorships?
Not only that, but Martin also found that the Giants are the most talked about team by international social media users, accounting for 36-percent of all international NFL-related mentions. This finding may raise a few eyebrows amongst NFL owners, as ...

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Letter: NFL owners would not mind if the Bills moved to Canada
Buffalo News
You can be sure most NFL owners preferred no extension with a $400 million penalty, so the team could be sold upon his death, with no restrictions, to the highest bidder. To keep an NFL team in Western New York from 2020 and beyond will require a new ...
NFL News: Bon Jovi's Efforts to Buy Buffalo Bills Foiled by Jim KellyLatin Post
Report: Bills bidders asked to submit final offers within two

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Finalists for site of a new Bills stadium are likely in Erie County
Buffalo News
The report's recommendations obviously would be non-binding on the next team owner, but are meant to serve as a road map for the team and NFL as they consider various stadium possibilities. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, in a recent phone call to ...
Wilson: How long can renovated Ralph stick?Salamanca Press

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