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WELCOME to NFL Owner formerly known as the Bradley NFL Ownership Group. Have you always dreamed of being an owner of an NFL team? Then you have come to the right place. By pooling our capital, our creativity, and our desire we can make it happen!

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Interest fading among NFL owners for reducing preseason games
Washington Post
Yet even with the expanded playoffs likely on the way for the 2015 season, the sport's four-game preseason probably is here to stay, as some owners of NFL teams have put aside the notion of cutting the number of preseason games. “I'm not sure that we ...
NFL owners losing interest in shorter
Owners hesitant to give up preseason, even with expanded
NFL Four weeks of preseason games likely to remainKFFL

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NFL Owners, Union Agree on Temporary Rule Changes for Practice Squads
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
The NFL players union and the league have agreed to increase the size of each team's practice squad by 25 percent, opening up two more slots in the in-between and allowing teams to keep direct tabs on up to 10 players, instead of eight. The change will ...

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Bloguin (blog)

Every NFL owner ranked by likeability
Bloguin (blog)
With a handful of the NFL's team owners in headlines lately for reasons ranging from stripper pictures to a hilariously stubborn defense of a slur, we thought a definitive and not at all arbitrary ranking of their likeability is needed. The criteria ...

Toronto Star

Letter: NFL owners would not mind if the Bills moved to Canada
Buffalo News
You can be sure most NFL owners preferred no extension with a $400 million penalty, so the team could be sold upon his death, with no restrictions, to the highest bidder. To keep an NFL team in Western New York from 2020 and beyond will require a new ...
Report: Bills bidders asked to submit final offers within two
AP source: Bills bids to be submitted in two weeksNews 10NBC
Bills Bid Due After HolidayWKBW-TV

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NFL Owners Are Melting The Shield
If you've spent the offseason trying to figure out why so many NFL players are behaving badly, look no further than their bosses. We are appalled Ray Rice struck his fiancee with an intent to injure and left her unconscious (that's the description from ...
Expect Irsay decision before start of regular

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Would-Be Owners Warm Up To Buffalo
It's a long shot, of course, but if you want to get a sense of how desperate run-of-the-mill rich people are to buy an NFL franchise, you need only note that Bon Jovi and Donald Trump were aiming to get the Buffalo Bills. Have you ever been to Buffalo ...
Pegulas seen pulling away in Bills race as Bon Jovi group reportedly will ...Bills Blitz - The Buffalo News
Luke Russert: Bills should remain in WNY 'for the rest of eternity'Buffalo News
Bon Jovi's letter
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Pittsburgh's Rooney family among most likable NFL owners
Pittsburgh Business Times (blog)
With the start of the National Football League 2014 season looming, website ranked NFL owners according to “likability” and the Rooney family, owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers, were high on the list. The Rooneys in fact came in second to ...

Shad Khan atop most likeable owners list
ESPN (blog)
Six victories in the last two seasons, an offense that was among the worst in the NFL in 2013 and being in a small market make that hard. But there is one list atop which the Jaguars sit:'s rankings of NFL owners by likeability. ...
Shad Khan ranked No.1 in NFL owner likabilityJacksonville Business Journal

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California corruption case entangles unnammed NFL owner
The list of NFL owners who are receiving the benefit of a double standard when it comes to discipline could be getting longer. According to the Associated Press, a new indictment against California Senator Leland Yee accuses him of offering him to help ...

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Toledo Blade

FCC should change its unfair blackout policy favoring the NFL's billionaire owners
Buffalo News
The NFL and its network partners have gone to great lengths to establish a “Protect Football on Free TV” campaign, appointing Hall of Fame receiver Lynn Swann as its spokesman. What the owners are really trying to protect is their ability to extract ...
FCC Commissioner speaks out against NFL blackout rulesAwful Announcing

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