The Different Art Forms?

So you are pondering purchasing your first bit of craftsmanship and beginning your first workmanship accumulation.. Be that as it may, the display proprietor or the craftsman’ site (on the off chance that you’re purchasing workmanship on the web) just tosses terms at you you’ve never known about! A theoretical acrylic blended media painting? A florid oil painting? A surrealist scene? That is a great deal of kinds of paint..

When you are new in the workmanship world or you need to purchase your first bit of craftsmanship, it’s elusive your way through these terms. The terrible news: we can’t show you everything in one blog entry (regardless of whether we would know it all… The uplifting news: we should begin little. With 5 distinct kinds of paint, why they vary and why they may impact your decision.

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There are many different art forms :

  1. Paintings – Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface (support base).
  2. Prints – A print is a two-dimensional art form created by an impression made by a method involving a transfer from one surface to another.
  3. Drawings -As with paintings, drawings are one of the oldest art forms around and can be traced back to prehistoric time.
  4. Photograph -A photograph is an image created by the exposure of light on a light-sensitive material at some stage during its making.
  5. Craft – The art of craft-making can be defined as an occupation or trade which involves manual dexterity and skilled artistry.
  6. Design – Part of applied arts, design comes in many forms, from graphic, fashion, interior, functional to the industrial.
  7. Performance Art – Peformance Art is where the artwork takes the form of actions performed by the artist/s or approved performers briefed by the artist.
  8. Mixed Media – Mixed-media tends to refer to artworks that use a combination of materials in their construction.
  9. Sculpture – As with painting, the earliest example of sculpture dates back to the Upper Paleolithic period (40,000 to 10,000 years ago).
  10. Installation – The term installation was coined in the 1970s to describe artwork that of any form or size that inhibits a space inside or outside a gallery.
  11. New Media – New Media is an art form which came about in the 1960s, as artists started to experiment with developing technology in their art-making.

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